Reviews for Turn of the Screw, directed by Anais Koivisto and adapted by Jamie Wylie for Everyday Inferno Theatre Company. Presented at the Morris Jumel Mansion in October 2014: 

"Leslie Marseglia exceptionally shines as both a hilariously haughty wife and the solemn apparition of a dead governess." - Rachel Kerry, New York Theatre Review

"The rest of the cast contributes nicely, especially ... Leslie Marseglia, who is chilling as Miss Jessel, the female apparition." - Dave Osmundsen, Theatre is Easy

"Ms. Marseglia is admirably calm as the eerie Miss Jessel." - Sarah B. Roberts, Adventures in the Endless Pursuit of Entertainment

Review for The Importance of Being Earnest, directed by Christine Zagrobelny for The Instigators at The Secret Theatre, October 2016: 

"Leslie Marseglia’s Lady Bracknell is more even-keeled than other interpreters have made her—even deadpan—which freshens up some of the iconic character’s even-more-iconic two-liners. "

- Piper Rasmussen, Theatre is Easy

Leslie Marseglia

Reviews for Leah in Vegas, directed by Kristin Skye Hoffmann and written by Kara Ayn Napolitano in FringeNYC, August 2014:

"Leslie Marseglia's Brenda is fully fleshed out when she could simply be comic relief." - Martin Denton,

"Leslie Marseglia as Brenda brings out a loveably neurotic performance as the former best friend. Marseglia serves as the much needed comic relief."  - Michael Block,

Review for Shakespeare in the Park's Julius Caesar, directed by Oskar Eustis at the Delacorte Theatre, June 2017:

​"But the most fearsome character in the show isn’t standing on stage — not even in the person of a Donald Trump-like Caesar — but instead storming the bleachers and shouting in the aisles. It’s the mindless Roman mob, or, as director Oskar Eustis’s politically slanted production slyly insinuates, it’s the ecstatic mobs at a Trump rally...this surging Roman mob has real numbers, and its fickle allegiances to one demagogic political figure after another makes it genuinely frightening." Marilyn Stasio, Variety